Jolie Cocktail Lounge

Our bar offers a wide variety of special coffees, Finnish tea blends and craft beverages, wines and unique cocktails and mocktails.

The different seasons are also reflected in our seasonal drinks. In the summer, you can find Finnish berries, open field cucumber, rhubarb and spruce shoot in different variations in the glass. This summer, wine-based cocktails will take center stage and will take you on a refreshing trip around Europe.

Summer cocktails

Tinto de verano
White Wine Spritzer
Jolien Berry Sangria
Spruce Shoot Spritz

Wildberry & Rose sour
Strawberry-Basil Bajito
Cucumber-Mint Gin Fizz
Rhubarb Daiquiri

10,00 – 12,00 €

Summer mocktails

Strawberry Bohito
Cucumber-Basil Fizz
Berry Spritz
Virgin Spruce Shoot Spritz

8,00 – 10,00 €

Wine, sparkling wine and champagne

(also alcohol free options)

from 6,90 €

Craft brews

Beer, small and large
(also alcohol free options)

Ainoa Viive Cider

Bottled Long Drinks

from 5,50 €

Special coffees

(available also decaf)

2,90 – 5,20 €

The Good Guys kombucha

Fresh Ginger
Wild raspberry

6,50 €


Poikain Parhaat, various flavours
Laitilan, various flavours
Fentiman’s, various flavours

3,90 € – 4,90 €

All of our beverages are  gluten free. Wide variety of vegan opitons.