Baked goods

Sweet and savory

On display you can find familiar and not so familiar flavour combinations, but everything is homemade from start to finish in our own kitchen.


  • Sausage and lingonberry (g, vl)
  • Cold smoked rainbow trout and spruce shoot (g, l)
  • Cashew paste and sun dried tomatos (g, v)
7,50 €


  • Smoked reindeer and cheese (g, l)
  • Spinach and sheese (g, v)
5,90 €

Maritozzo (g, l)

4,90 €

Bean-lemon cup cake (g, v)

contains soy, oat and almond

5,90 €

Potato-chocolate cake (g, m)

contains almond

5,90 €

Lingonberry-sheesecake (g, v)

contains soy and oat

5,90 €

Triple chocolate mousse cake (g)

6,90 €

g = gluten free / l = lactose free / vl = low lactose / m = dairy free / v = vegan

All our baked goods are also available to order.